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your shoes are older than the moon

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I was late in from work tonight. There was a beautiful clear blue sky and very little wind. The trees in their new leaves were luminous and green, fidgeting casually in the quiet of the spring evening. I had pasta and garlic bread for tea.

About seven thirty I heard Hugo beginning to saw. He sawed for about twenty minutes. I haven’t looked to see what he’s constructing – it might be an annex or extension to his henge, a new shelter, or perhaps a fine pavilion of some kind – but I did notice on my way in earlier that some old flagstones have already appeared in the newly tidied bare expanse of his front garden. Primal disorder is reasserting itself or, perhaps, the old order is simply returning.

As I waited for the Time Team special on Iron Age hillforts I watched a programme about the influence of Christian fundamentalists in British society. The programme included film taken in a so-called Faith School. The children there are taught that the moon is only six thousand years old, and that this is about the same age as the Earth itself.

The Time Team programme took us back to ways of life that must have come into existence long before the moon ever shone. It seems clear now that human beings were walking the Earth long before the Earth was even here to walk. There’s no reason therefore why we shouldn’t keep walking it long after it’s gone. The  market for footwear appears to be futureproof, a prospect which should encourage Margaret and Brenda.

Gordon has posted himself on YouTube. He’ll answer all our questions at the end of June. 


Written by yammering

May 19, 2008 at 11:38 pm

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